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Shadow in the Room

A woman is haunted by the memory of an ex lover.

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Arrow of Light

A young boy gets brought along to deal with the aftermath of the suicide of his father's best friend. Starring Toby Nichols, Joshua Mark Sienkiewicz, Brad Beall and Jamie Neumann. Cinematography by DJ McConduit. Based on the short story by Randal O' Wain.

Of A Promise Broken

Set in Victorian era New Orleans, a young woman is terrorized from beyond the grave by the ghost of her husband's first wife. Based on the short story by Lafcadio Hearn. Starring Joshua Mark Sienkiewicz, Catherine Ashton and Mia Allen. Cinematography by Natalie Kingston. Production Design by Samantha Aldana. Edited by Brian C. Miller Richard.



A man goes on a date to meet the woman he has been chatting online with for a month, only to discover he has been catfished. Starring Billie Worley, Drew Smith and Rosalyn Ross. Cinematography by Ryan Parker

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for garnering 1st Honors in Academic Exc

The Gun Incident

A group of methed out teens are forced to deal with some sobering consequences. Starring Patrick Cox, Christian Walker, Christian B. Walker, Freddie Romero, Corrine Mestemacher, Jez Kourvelas. Cinematography by Ryan Parker.

Slaughterhouse PHI 

A young man exacts gruesome revenge on a frat house after his girlfriend is sexually assaulted there. Starring Christian Walker, Victoria Skye Cleveland and Nathan Ross Murphy. Produced by Christopher Woodsy Smith. Shot and edited by Craig Morris.

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